If you are passionate about water safety and want to make a difference in the lives of children, The SAFE Swim Foundation‘s Swim Instructor Training Course may be suitable for you!

We offer a comprehensive 5-week training program, designed to enhance your understanding of water safety, survival swimming techniques, teaching methodologies, and effective communication strategies.

Here is what we offer:

The Full Training Course

Our course focuses on teaching survival swim training techniques, an internationally recognized approach that equips swimmers with crucial survival skills. This technique empowers our students to learn an appropriate swim posture and to maintain a float in a water-related emergency.

Our course will walk swim instructors through each step of the program in addition to proper handling techniques, life-saving skills, and more advanced swim strokes for older students.

This course is hands-on with students who are learning to swim, and we will offer personalized attention and constructive feedback to refine your teaching skills.

We teach you at our facility for five weeks.

Career Opportunities

By completing our Swim Instructor Training Course, you open doors to exciting career opportunities in the aquatics industry. Become a swim instructor at reputable swim schools, or community centers, or even start a swim instruction business. With the demand for swim instructors rising, you’ll have the chance to make a positive impact and shape the lives of countless individuals.

Supportive Community

Join a vibrant network of like-minded individuals passionate about water safety. Our SAFE Swim Foundation community provides ongoing support, resources, and networking opportunities, ensuring you never feel alone on your journey. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and grow together with fellow instructors dedicated to saving lives through swimming.

Make a Difference

By enrolling in our Swim Instructor Training Course, you become an ambassador for water safety, equipping learners with life-saving skills that will stay with them forever. Every student you teach has the potential to become a confident and proficient swimmer, ready to tackle any aquatic challenge that comes their way.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a certified instructor. Join the SAFE Swim Foundation’s Swim Instructor Training Course today and become part of a movement committed to preventing drowning incidents and promoting water safety.

In addition, the tuition for your training goes right back into our non-profit. All dollars collected will go toward funding scholarships for children whose families may not be able to otherwise afford survival swim lessons.

Remember, water safety starts with you. Act now, save lives, and make a lasting impact!