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SAFE Swim Foundation

Water Safety Education and Swim Instructor Training

SAFE Swim Foundation News

Elayna Russell to promote SAFE Swim Foundation in Miss Diamond National USA

Elayna Russell to promote SAFE Swim Foundation in Miss Diamond National USA

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SAFE Swim Foundation awarded 2022 Silver Seal of Transparency

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A SAFE Swim Before and After Story

“When Emmie was 1, she loved helping her daddy clean the pool! As she does everything her daddy does she leaned over and put her hands in the water to splash and clean them off. As soon as she did she leaned a little too far and fell in. After my husband jumped in fully clothed he was able to pull her to safety.

Even though we were right there the whole time it was the most scary thing that had ever happened. When Emmie turned 2, she started swimming with Yaya! Yes, it was hard to watch sometimes but I knew that it could help save her life one day.

After a couple of weeks swimming with Yaya, Emmie was once again playing by the steps and fell in. When I got to her she was on her back, staying afloat and making her way back to the steps, all on her own!! I knew then swimming at Yaya’s fishes saved her life and the best decision we had ever made.”

Courtesy of, Courtney Wewers, 2017


Dear Parents,

Jonesboro Pediatric Clinic makes it our job to keep you and your kids happy, healthy, and safe. If I told you as a parent that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” I would sound like your grandmother, but it could not be truer than with accidental drownings.

We strive as parents to protect our children from disease, danger, and harm in all aspects of life, and water safety is no different. The skills acquired with the SAFE Swim Foundation / The School of Yaya’s Fishes can prevent a parent’s worst nightmare. I have seen firsthand; it can save a child’s life.

I recommend this program to patients as early as 6 months of age and trust Terri and her staff to provide the survival skills to prevent drowning.

Children are always so proud to tell me they graduated from “Yaya’s”!

Amy Duch, APRN
Jonesoro Pediatric Clinic

Every donation received can help save a child’s life.

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